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No matter what your business need in the USA is, Log EUA help you to get there

Entrepreneurship in the US has become the dream of many Brazilian entrepreneurs, no matter they are micro / small or large companies of diverse types of business. However, this dream can become a nightmare if the entrepreneur is not educated to seek the right pathway.

Through a multi-disciplinary team, Log EUA, Inc. will help you choose the best path to be followed in compliance with US law so that your future business, whether small or large, becomes solid, healthy, and long-lasting.

For prospects and clients who wish to build and / or maintain a business in the U.S.,
our team provides the following tools:

Strategic Business Plan and Financial Projection

This is the most important step anyone must take before adventure itself in the U.S. market
Financial model for making cash flow projections
Calculate ROI, breakeven and payback

Interaction with the U.S. Buyers

Via EDI interface with clients, all commercial transaction is paperless

Custom Market Research

A must-have market study that is part of the Strategic Business Plan.
Competitor research
Identify promising target niches
Viability study

Purchasing outsourcing

Log EUA can perform any purchase in the U.S. and Foreign Countries on behalf of client

Sales and Inventory Management

Log EUA´s team will coordinate client´s inventory and related payments, so client can keep focusing on its business core, which is boost the production and sales
Selection of representatives, distributors, vendors


  • Log EUA help build up the e-commerce structure since hardware to software in the U.S.